About the Company

ATLAS EXPERT is a commercial association of professionals and consultants, with the mission to offer the best practices for our clients and partners.

Vlad Poenaru General manager Atlas.Expert

Fondatorul acestui concept este Vlad Poenaru, evaluator autorizat conform legislației din România și membru al prestigioasei asociații profesionale RICS din Anglia. Cu o experiență de aproape 20 ani în industria serviciilor de evaluare, administrare și tranzacționare de active, Vlad este un profesionist complet care a oferit serviciile sale din perspective diferite ale pieței, care includ și zona academică.

Vlad a creat ATLAS EXPERT având ca obiectiv principal redefinirea conceptelor de lucru actuale într-o nouă formulă și pentru a oferi o arie extinsă de practică în segmentul serviciilor.


More than evaluators or consultants

Our concept is based on a modular structure, valuing the liberal profession that represents us. Such an organizational structure permits either the separation or the aggregation of activities to maximize efficiency.

Each part of our activity comes together to create an ensemble, and can be re-defined and re-configured to maximize the required synergy.

our services

Actors in a constantly moving market

ATLAS EXPERT is a registered trademark that represents our team’s identity. It unites our collective accumulated experience and our fresh approach to our partner and client relationships, alongside which we’ve grown and will continue to grow.

serviciile noastre

Serviciile AtlasExpert au fost concepute cu gândul la clienții noștri

Our portfolio of activity includes valuation services, consultancy, building management and support services.

We’re constantly researching the market, adjacent industries and legislation in order to enhance our knowledge, thus putting us in a position where we can easily adapt to new trends and technologies.

This will further enable us to be pragmatic and realistic in our business predictions and professional advice to the domains and businesses which we support. As we operate in an everchanging environment, we aim to find the best solution to satisfy our clients’ needs and always be ahead of the trends.

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